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Ripple Ranch Recovery,
Addiction Treatment Center in Texas

Ripple Ranch Recovery Center is a unique addiction treatment center in Comal County, Texas, a short distance from Austin and San Antonio. Our recovery team uses evidence-based treatment methods, along with an underlying holistic approach, to form a unique care plan to meet your needs in recovery.

Full-Continuum Care Starts Here

With Ripple Ranch, you can go through a safe and comfortable detoxification and residential recovery program. Once you have completed these treatment steps, we can provide you with further treatment resources such as an intensive outpatient program with Continuum Outpatient Center. Through this partner program, our patients can continue their wellness journey from outpatient programs and into various aftercare experiences.

At Ripple Ranch, we are a family of care providers, committed to our effective, one-stop experience of addiction services that promote long-term recovery and wellness.

Experience the Ripple Effect of Healing

Everyone has a unique story that brought them to where they are today. Because of this, everyone who faces addiction issues has different situations and stressors that trigger substance use.

Ripple Ranch Recovery is a unique addiction treatment center in Texas. We provide individualized addiction treatment plans to help you overcome substance use once and for all. We place an emphatic focus on holistic healing to address the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of recovery.

We also use evidence-based treatment methods such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and trauma-informed treatments, like eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) to help you reach your goals of reconfiguring your thoughts and behaviors to succeed in long-term recovery. These methods are backed by significant decades of statistics and scientific research.

We Are In Network With Most Insurances

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Alcohol Rehab

Alcohol use disorder affects people from all walks of life.

If you know someone who is battling or has battled alcohol use disorder, you know it’s a struggle for both the person needing treatment and their loved ones who care so much about them.


Heroin Rehab

If heroin use has become a problem for you or someone you know or love, Ripple Ranch Recovery Center can help.


Cocaine Rehab

Cocaine use in the U.S. has gone up in recent years and deaths from cocaine overdose have risen dramatically. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports more than 16,000 people died of a cocaine overdose in 2019.


Marijuana Rehab

Marijuana—which can also be called cannabis—is the most commonly used federally illegal drug in the United States, with an estimated 48.2 million people using it in 2019.


Prescription Drug Rehab

Prescription drug abuse and overdoses are a major public health concern. Drug poisoning deaths involving opioid analgesics in particular have more than tripled since 1999, with more than 16,000 deaths in 2013 alone.


Oxycontin Rehab

The number of drug overdose deaths increased by nearly 5% from 2018 to 2019 and has quadrupled since 1991.  Over 70% of the 70,630 deaths in 2019 involved an opioid. From 2018 to 2019, there were significant changes in opioid-involved death rates.


Meth Rehab

Meth addiction in Texas remains a worrisome trend. Ripple Ranch Recovery is prepared to help you or your loved one reach recovery.


Fentanyl Rehab

Up to a hundred times more potent than morphine, detoxing from fentanyl is a complicated and unpleasant process. However, fentanyl withdrawal symptoms are a necessary discomfort for anyone who wants to regain control over their life.

Comprehensive Addiction & Mental Health Treatment

At Ripple Ranch Recovery, Spring Branch, Texas, we treat a variety of drug use problems. Whether you need detox, inpatient, or outpatient care, we can provide you with the best resources to achieve lasting recovery.

We have an excellent staff-to-client ratio to ensure each individual receives the proper care, and an intimate, outdoorsy setting with personalized care opportunities. Our main focus is to help our clients address and recover from substance use disorder (SUD) first and focus on mental health after, since we know the two inform each other significantly.

Connection to Outpatient Programs

We believe in ongoing care that extends past our initial residential treatment program. With that, we can help connect you with the Continuum Outpatient Center, an intensive outpatient treatment program (IOP). These aftercare programs will enable you to receive continued support and healing opportunities, decreasing chances for relapse and providing life-enrichment techniques.

Our Treatment Programs at Ripple Ranch Recovery Center

Our team will guide you through the detoxification process and provide residential services so you can start your recovery journey off safely and efficiently. In addition, we can connect you with aftercare services to ensure long-term recovery. Our services include:

  • Drug and alcohol detox
  • Residential treatment
  • Medication-assisted treatment
  • Connections to intensive outpatient treatment
Ripple Ranche Recovery Center

We Measure Our Results

All of our treatment methods at Ripple Ranch Recovery are evidence-driven. Because of this, we’re able to achieve a high rate of success in treatment for a large majority of our clients. We pair holistic healing methods with proven therapeutic techniques to give our clients the best chance at long-term success in recovery.

The data below was collected from real clients over the course of 2023. We know that each number tells a story, and that these results and outcomes are important factors to consider when deciding on the right route for treatment for yourself or a loved one.

72% Complete All Recommended Treatment
Progress 72%
90% Satisfaction rate
Progress 90%


The general levels of care for addiction treatment include detoxification, inpatient care, outpatient care, and any aftercare services a person may need. The recovery process will look unique to everyone, and there is no one path that fits all. However, most individuals will need to rid their body of any substance through detox, then partake in some form of inpatient or outpatient care to learn coping mechanisms and relapse prevention skills. Aftercare services are also extremely beneficial to helping a person maintain sobriety.

Medication-assisted treatment, or MAT, is the use of certain medications in combination with counseling and behavioral therapies to help people find success in recovery. At Ripple Ranch, we use medications that can alleviate the symptoms of withdrawal and curb cravings in tandem with behavioral therapy and holistic treatments.

We use MAT because it has been clinically proven to be effective at helping people achieve and maintain sobriety. MAT has been proven to improve patient survival rates, increase retention in treatment, decrease illicit opioid use and other criminal activity among people with substance use disorders, and increase patients’ ability to gain and maintain employment.

The cost of any addiction recovery treatment will vary greatly and depend on the type of program that is chosen as well as the length of time before you are discharged. For instance, prescription drug, meth, cocaine, and heroin treatment all entail that the body’s opiate receptors be restored to their original state. This takes longer, making the programs more expensive.

As you can imagine, outpatient detox treatment is less expensive than having to check into an inpatient detox treatment facility. Non-private inpatient detox centers are also less expensive than private inpatient detox treatment facilities. However, private facilities offer a variety of incentives like scholarships and discounts that may not be available at non-private centers.

The cost of a detox or rehab program should carefully be considered as it compares to the state of your health.

After all, it is an investment. If you allow your addiction to continue, it could lead to further costs and, eventually, death. It is for this reason that prescription drug and heroin rehab can save lives.

The goal of addiction recovery treatment at Ripple Ranch Recovery is to set a person up with all the tools they need to achieve long-term success in recovery. Alcohol and drug addiction both have the ability to destroy one’s desire to be happy and healthy as it interferes with any health-building habits like exercising, eating healthy, and not smoking, drinking alcohol, or using drugs. Therefore, throughout the inpatient detox program, many individuals must learn how to be healthy again. During these programs, people are often taught how to eat healthy, exercise, think healthy thoughts, meditate and much more.

After treatment, our patients are encouraged to attend community support groups – 12 steps or alternatives; Additionally additional counseling or outpatient treatment is recommended based on your clinical assessment at the time of discharge. By continuing to participate in therapeutic and social communities of recovery, people can put the healthy habits they’ve learned into practice in the real world.

At Ripple Ranch, we offer residential treatment for those seeking intensive addiction treatment and detoxification. However, we understand that some people may find an intensive outpatient treatment program (IOP) more suitable for their needs. Continuum Outpatient Center offers patients an opportunity to overcome past traumas, learn relapse prevention techniques, heal relationships, develop healthy communication skills, and learn life-enrichment tactics – all within your own schedule. Continuum is a great asset for those who have pre-established commitments within work, home, or other life obligations, but are otherwise ready for treatment.

Ripple Ranch Recovery is in network with many different insurance providers, including Christus Health Plan, Cigna, Magellan Health, BlueCross/BlueShield, AETNA, and First Health Network. Many insurance plans cover most of the services that we offer.

Contact us today to determine if your insurance plan partially or fully covers treatment at Ripple Ranch.

The physical and psychological effects of drug and alcohol withdrawal can be very uncomfortable.

That’s why it is so important to get a medical assessment before attempting to quit using substances abruptly. You may need detox under the close supervision of medical professionals. Not only can these professionals keep an eye on vital signs to make sure everything is functioning properly, they can also administer medications to help alleviate some of the more intense symptoms of withdrawal.

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