The Ripple Effect: Helping You Find Substance Abuse Treatment in Texas

Effective Substance Abuse and Mental Health Treatment Programs

The Ripple Effect

At Ripple Ranch Recovery Center, we want to ensure that you have an exceptional treatment experience. We rely on evidence-based treatment methods and an underlying holistic approach to recovery. Anyone who walks through our doors receives a unique plan to meet them wherever they are in their treatment journey.

We provide detoxification and residential treatment in our 20+ acres estate at Ripple Ranch. However, it is also our goal to provide clients with the full continuum of care when it comes to addiction treatment. Once you have completed detoxification and our inpatient program, we can connect you to our partner facility, Continuum Outpatient Center, to receive outpatient and aftercare services.

The Impact of Personal Change

Making positive changes to your lifestyle will ripple out to heal your family relationships, thereby helping you reconnect with your community. In this way, recovery impacts everyone for the better, and it all starts with you. That is why we measure outcomes and program results; the ripple effect of recovery has far reaching effects on everyone that person touches.

Professional and Trustworthy Treatment

At Ripple Ranch, our team focuses on comprehensive mental health care for issues co-occurring with substance use disorder. We provide an excellent client-to-staff ratio and have a supportive environment to ensure that you have a smooth and efficient path to recovery.
Moreover, we utilize master’s level clinicians so you can feel assured that you are receiving the best of the best. Our campus is located on a peaceful 20+ acre ranch that allows for a peaceful place for healing, reflection, and growth.

What We Provide

We provide the highest quality dual diagnosis and medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for detoxification and residential levels of care.

Dual Diagnosis

Dual diagnosis occurs if someone is suffering from a mental health disorder alongside a substance use disorder, causing a perpetual cycle. Dual diagnosis treatment is complex as it requires both issues to be addressed at the same time.
At Ripple Ranch Recovery, we provide our patients with the chance to not only reach recovery from their addiction but also uncover or treat co-existing mental health disorders that may be contributing to said addiction.

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)

In recent years, the idea of using medications to assist in substance addiction treatment has blossomed into a common thread among many programs in the United States. A large variety of studies have proved the effectiveness of MAT and how it leads people to an addiction-free, healthier lifestyle.
At Ripple Ranch Recovery Center, we believe providing a well-rounded MAT program to some of our clients is essential.

Our Continuum of Care

Our mission is to provide the highest quality of substance abuse treatment in Texas.


We understand the strain of the uncomfortable and potentially dangerous symptoms of withdrawal. Oftentimes, a person may continue to misuse substances because they do not want to suffer through the burden of withdrawal. However, the goal of our detox program is to make our clients as comfortable and safe as possible. This way, they can begin the transition to a life free of harmful substance use.

Residential Treatment

Residential treatment exists to provide people with 24-hour care and to allow them to put their entire focus on their recovery. By putting their complete focus on treatment, clients can confront their substance use or mental health disorder with as much energy as possible. We provide both residential programs and connections to outpatient programs to reach as many people in need as possible. When you first reach out, we will help you determine what program path will work best for you.

Intensive Outpatient Program

Our team knows that effective recovery requires ongoing care long after the detox and inpatient stages. As such, we can help connect you with our partner facility Continuum Outpatient Center, so you can go through their intensive outpatient program and have access to additional aftercare programs. These programs will enable you to receive continued support and healing opportunities, decreasing the chances of relapse and providing life-enrichment techniques.

Learn More About Recovery with Ripple Ranch

You are not alone. Our team is standing by and available to help you take the first steps towards recovery. Reach out to us today to learn more about our treatment programs and how we can craft a recovery plan individualized for your needs.