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The Average Length of Stay and Its Impact on Recovery

Learn about the average length of stay at Ripple Ranch and what that means for recovery with our 2023 Clinical Outcomes Report.

How Time Shapes Recovery at Ripple Ranch

The pathway to lasting recovery at Ripple Ranch Recovery Center is framed by a crucial element: time.

Our residential treatment programs offer a range of 30 to 60 days, with an average stay of 37 days.

The duration of our programs is designed to offer each patient a balanced and flexible pathway to recovery, catering to individual needs while ensuring deep, meaningful progress.

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What the Length of Stay Means  in Recovery

The duration of stay is not arbitrary. Shorter programs might offer a quicker initial step but may not allow for the deep transformative work required for lasting change. The extended period of our program allows individuals to focus on their recovery, engage in evidence-based treatment methods, and participate in holistic healing activities tailored to their needs. 

It is rooted in our holistic approach to healing and reflects our understanding that recovery from substance addiction and mental health issues requires time to detach from life’s daily pressures. 

Invest in your long-term well-being.
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The Perfect Setting for Discovering Sustainable Healing

Our tranquil Hill Country estate setting provides the perfect backdrop for this journey. Amidst the rolling hills and natural views, individuals and their loved ones find a supportive environment specifically designed to nurture deep healing.

How We Approach Recovery

Our program is clinically focused with a 1:4 staff-to-patient ratio, up to 6 weekly individual therapy sessions, an integrated family therapy program, and 12 months of after-care support. Here, patients can experience a range of holistic offerings, including yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, guided meditation, and cognitive-behavioral therapies. 

These activities are integral to our treatment philosophy, supporting patients in building resilience, finding peace, and creating a profound connection with themselves. Patients are encouraged to stay for longer durations through the process to experience the transformative power of our full range of healing modalities and work to integrate them into their own lives.

The length of stay at Ripple Ranch Recovery Center signifies a dedicated time for patients to heal, grow, and prepare for a future free from addiction and mental health issues. By working with our experienced staff for a longer duration, a deeper transformation becomes possible. 

Patients have the opportunity to address the root causes of their struggles and develop the tools and self-awareness necessary to navigate challenges and maintain their recovery in the long term. This extended stay allows patients to fully integrate the healing modalities we offer into their daily lives, cultivating a lasting sense of well-being that transcends the walls of our center.  

At Ripple Ranch, we believe true healing is an investment, and our program structure reflects that commitment to our patient’s long-term success.

Embrace a holistic path to recovery in a setting that offers the time and space for profound healing.
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