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What Does Social Wellness Mean in Addiction Recovery?

Learn more about what social wellness is and why it is such an important part of addiction recovery here.

What Is Social Wellness?

Social wellness refers to the way we interact with others and express ourselves. It involves the relationships we have with other people.1

Relationships are important because they help us learn how to navigate the world. The relationships we develop with others help to provide us with support during difficult times and connectivity during daily life.2

Social Wellness
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Social Wellness Goals

The goals of social well-being include:3
  • Developing assertive communication skills, not passive or aggressive ones
  • Learning to balance social and personal time
  • Being able to maintain friendships and social networks
  • Becoming engaged with people in your community
  • The ability to be yourself in all situations
  • Having a network of supportive family and friends
  • Valuing diversity
  • Learning to treat others with respect
  • Learning to create healthy boundaries
  • Encouraging communication, trust, and conflict resolution
  • Having fun

Focusing on social well-being allows you to build healthy and meaningful relationships. This, in turn, will help provide feelings of acceptance, understanding, and support. Having support is very important, especially during difficult times.

What Does Social Wellness Mean in Addiction Recovery?

Social wellness in addiction recovery refers to the networks and social circles that can provide support for one’s recovery. These support systems include family, friends, coworkers, partners, and neighbors. This type of wellness is important in helping to create and maintain healthy relationships during recovery.

Why Is Social Wellness Important in Addiction Recovery?

Having strong support is important in addiction recovery. Isolation and poor relationships are big contributors to relapse.4

Isolation and disconnection have risks for mental and emotional health. Social isolation can be twice as harmful as obesity on physical and mental health. The worse your social well-being is, the more likely you are to experience loneliness and isolation. This may then contribute to a decline in physical and mental health, which may lead to addiction relapse behaviors.5

Negative Impact of Isolation

Perceived isolation has also been linked to depression, poor sleep quality, and impaired immunity. Feelings of loneliness increase the risk of substance use and abuse. People are more likely to use drugs or alcohol to cope with the emotional distress associated with isolation. So, improving social connections will help decrease feelings of loneliness. This will then help you feel as though you are not navigating recovery alone.6

How to Improve Social Wellness

To improve your social well-being, it is important to engage in healthy relationships and develop hobbies. Some of the best ways to improve your social wellness are to:

  • Make connections: This could mean learning something new, joining a group focused on a hobby, volunteering, taking a class, taking part in neighborhood events, etc.
  • Care for yourself and others: Take care of yourself by getting organized, asking for help, eating healthy, exercising, volunteering, or joining a support group.
  • Take part in active activities: Join an exercise class, walk or hike with a group of friends, or take part in a neighborhood safety program.
  • Spend bonding time with family and friends: Take part in fun activities, set limits on distractions, communicate openly and honestly, and provide kind and loving words.
  • Build healthy relationships: Share your feelings, ask for what you need from others, listen without judgment, learn to compromise, and share gratitude.

Making connections and improving social relationships means being able to communicate effectively, have respect for yourself and others, engage in self-care, and develop healthy hobbies. When you join in healthy activities or hobbies, you surround yourself with a like-minded community. If you are unsure of what you enjoy, try out new things.

Social Wellness Tips

The journey to developing positive and healthy relationships can be difficult for some people. Some tips for improving social well-being include:

  • Reflect on yourself and your social needs: What do you need from social relationships? What areas do you need to improve on? Reflect and devise a plan to mitigate any challenges.
  • Actively keep in touch with family and friends: Make an effort to call, text, video chat, or visit family and friends. This helps keep relationships active and engaging.
  • Practice self-disclosure: Practice communicating your feelings and needs. Practice using “I” statements.
  • Take part in discussions and practice active listening: Actively listen with empathy and without judgment. Listen and take part in the way you would want others to do for you.
  • Join a club or organization: Join a group that provides you with a sense of engagement and is important to you.
Social Wellness and Addiction Recovery

Where Can You Find Social Wellness Support?

It can be difficult for many people to find healthy ways to improve social well-being. To find this support, you can:

Attend Support Groups

Attending support groups can provide a sense of connection and understanding with others who may be dealing with similar issues or concerns.

Reach Out to Friends and Family

Asking for help is very difficult, but is extremely important. To improve your social well-being, reach out to family and friends for support if you are able.

Seek Out Online Supportive Resources

There are many online support resources. These can include virtual self-help groups or meet-up groups. Some online resources help to find groups to join to engage in hobbies or activities, such as

Go to Centers and Clubhouses

Centers and clubhouses are great ways to connect with your community. You can do an online search for clubhouses in your area or go to local community centers for resources.

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If you or someone you know are interested in improving your social well-being or recovering from addiction, we here at Ripple Ranch can help. At Ripple Ranch Recovery, we offer treatment for both addiction recovery and mental health. We offer residential treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, and medication-assisted treatment that meets your needs. Our program offers evidence-based, holistic treatment focused on improving mental, emotional, and social well-being.

At Ripple Ranch, we focus on building social connections. We encourage social wellness in treatment. We engage in community service, attend recovery groups, and build communication skills. To find out if treatment is right for you, contact us today at 830.494.4717 or contact-us