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Crissy Clark


Crissy grew up in Texas and spent most of her life in New Braunfels. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Spanish at the University of Houston. She went on to get her master’s degree in Social Work at Texas State University. Crissy developed an interest in Substance Abuse Recovery while working at Austin Recovery Treatment Center in Kyle, Texas. This is also when she developed an interest in Trauma Treatments. Crissy has a passion for learning creative ways to offer individualized treatments for Trauma and Substance Abuse. Crissy has also worked in Community Mental Health, worked with dual diagnosis and people on probation and has experience working with Child Protective Services. She is trained in CBT, CPT, EMDR and TFCBT.

Crissy enjoys traveling, hiking, reading, spending time with family and being active in her free time. She loves working with the dynamic team at Ripple Ranch Recovery and guiding the clinical team to provide personalized services to each unique individual who comes in search of treatment.