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Ripple Recovery Ranch is proud to partner with Vista Research Group, which has conducted third party assessments of our patient outcomes for over a year. Compared to national averages, our patients are significantly more likely to complete treatment with us as well as see drastic reduction in co-occurring mental health issues as well as suicidal ideation.

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What Makes Ripple Recovery Ranch the Right Place for You?

Ripple Recovery is a diamond in the rough of the beautiful ranch country of Central Texas. We provide a unique treatment plan that takes the entire person into account. Our treatment plan includes many “out of the box” activities and amenities that together, help to make our treatment center one of the best in the area.

By addressing the needs of the whole person, we guide our clients with new experiences and new coping mechanisms. With the help of guided meditation, yoga, hiking, acupuncture, alternative 12-step programs, equine therapy, art and music, we guide our clients to places where real and lasting healing can happen.

Holistic Healing At Its Best!

Accreditation is an additional step that many alcohol and drug detox centers will take to ensure a higher quality of care for their patients. It is a symbol of excellence and a higher standard of care than what is required or expected.

Accreditation by The Joint Commission is the most stringent and prestigious. Ripple Recovery Ranch received this honor and continues to provide above and beyond care for all of its clients.

GET TO KNOW Ripple Recovery Ranch

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Since 2007 the number of deaths due to drug injury has increased in Texas by 111%! In Comal County, 10% of adults reported 14 or more days of poor physical health and 11% reported poor mental health per month.  These are astounding figures and the reason Ripple Recovery Ranch strives to provide services for the unmet needs of the community.

Addiction Treatment as a Mental Health Service

Ripple Recovery Ranch combines quality medical care with psychology and counseling from initial detox to full-service in-patient treatment. Each of these stages addresses mental health issues like handling past trauma, managing everyday stress, learning mood stabilization, etc.

Ripple Recovery Ranch drug rehab ensures clients learn self-care and life skills while emphasizing those skills to prepare them for after-care stages.

We guide each of our clients so that they can go back to a complete life after successfully achieving their recovery with:

  • Holistic addiction treatment with a focus on addressing the whole person with growth in all aspects of life.
    • Body, Mind and Spirit
  • Focus on life skills to maintain an appropriate mental health regimen after treatment

Ripple Recovery Ranch is a private residential estate, framed by twenty acres of the beautiful Texas hill country. 

Located in Spring Branch, right between San Antonio and Austin, this beautiful nature retreat offers an ideal environment for physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing to unfold.

Far enough to get away, but close enough to stay connected, our Ripple Ranch Recovery drug rehab is roughly an hour’s drive from either San Antonio or Austin.

This allows weekly family involvement and for the family to participate in their loved one's recovery process.

Ripple Ranch Recovery ensures that our Master’s Level clinicians are available to each and every client during their stay by providing:

  • Compassionate mental health services like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Helpful psychiatrists with extensive pharmacology knowledge
  • Kind and understanding counselors who genuinely listen to your needs and offer time-tested guidance


Trauma-informed Care

Trauma is oftentimes an underlying cause of substance use. We take the time to intensely individualize treatment for our trauma patients and put the responsibility of recovery on them. They are given specific, individualized assignments between all sessions which assist in
the progression towards the achievement of their therapy goals as well as empowers them to take
responsibility for their ongoing healing.

Evidence-based Treatment

Dealing with a substance use disorder and a mental illness is never easy, but sometimes the location can mean everything for recovery. In a landscape that may appear barren to some, part of the mystique that surrounds the Southwest is the display of the resilience that inhabits us all. Our clients can draw from the nature that surrounds them, and realize that they too, have the resilience to not only live but thrive in any surrounding.

Spiritually Neutral Treatment

Maybe it’s the wide-open spaces or the rich history, but something about the Southwest moves the soul. We all come from different walks of life, and no one form of spirituality fits everybody. This is why we provide spiritually neutral treatment that welcomes all to find their own path.

Family Therapy

Family plays a big role in substance abuse and subsequently substance abuse treatment. At Shadow Mountain, we use family support and communication throughout the process to try and help open discussions and to mend relationships. This time away in the calming presence of the Santa Fe atmosphere helps provide perspective so that our patients have a solid foundation to return to after they have graduated from our program.

Whole-body Wellness

Holistic care seeks to restore a patient to a state of complete health rather than merely treating his or her symptoms. We are able to draw from the vast resources around us to incorporate activities like zip lining, hiking through the majestic landscape, or even taking the time to attend a local art show and soak up some of the rich Southwestern culture.

Aftercare Planning

A big part of the path to recovery occurs after the treatment has taken place. Once patients are faced with the real world and the everyday stresses of life outside the treatment facility, it can be easy to fall back into bad habits. A solid, individualized aftercare plan will help patients.


Our programs are individualized, medically and therapeutically appropriate, licensed, and nationally accredited by The Joint Commission. We provide safe, effective treatment solutions for those struggling with addiction, prescription pill dependency, and substance abuse; with and without co-occurring mental health disorders.
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Having only 15 beds in our 8000 square foot facility, we provide attention to each patient in a personalized, family-style living environment with enough space for private reflection in moderation.

Location Amenities

  • Communal kitchen (on-site chef)
  • Tai chi, yoga, and meditation classes
  • Swimming pool
  • Workout room
  • Mile-long scenic trail surrounding the campus



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Your success in reconnecting to your true self and letting go of years of habits that have been holding you back is moments away. Our team is standing by, ready to help you learn more about how our addiction rehabilitation program can help you or a loved one today. Don’t hesitate to get in touch by giving us a call at 830-494-4717.

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