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Binge Drinking in Austin

Do you remember your first drink? How about the first time you ever were drunk? Were you with your friends? Were you in high school? College? There are many different stories to be told by Americans about their first experiences with alcohol. Many see it growing up in their homes, and quite a few do …

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taking meth for chores

Inside The Texas Meth Problem

It’s almost certain that your mental image of someone struggling with methamphetamine use is skewed. There are persistent and common negative beliefs surrounding addiction and mental health in general, and meth in particular. Take a second and imagine someone who is addicted to meth. Close your eyes and picture them. Try to bring together everything …

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cocaine side effects

Cocaine Side Effects

Cocaine addiction and misuse are hard to see with the naked eye for many, but it, like many other forms of addiction, is life-altering and harmful to the future of those affected by it. Because of the nature of cocaine and the fact that it is generally an “upper” drug that gives energy, joy, and …

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